Turn Powerpoint into a video

There may be times when you want to use a Powerpoint presentation on a TV Screen in a showroom, or send to a colleague or prospective client, or upload to your website.

This is a great way to share high-fidelity versions of your presentations and distribute  then confidently knowing that your animated, narrated multimedia presentation will play without a glitch.

Once you have created your presentation

Click File, Then Export

powerpointmovie1 470x254 - Turn Powerpoint into a video

Choose “Create a Video”

powerpointmovie2 470x254 - Turn Powerpoint into a video

Select the Presentation Quality and whether you wish to have narrations and timings and click the  “Create Video” button

Give your presentation a name and click Save.

Once saved, this can then be copied to a USB stick / SD Card (Good for modern TV Sets) or burn to a DVD. This file could also simply be emailed or uploaded to your website.

Note : These instructions were created using PowerPoint 2013 – The feature is also available in PowerPoint 2010 under File -> Save & Send