Modernize your business

With Microsoft Office 365 we provide businesses the productivity tools required by modern workforces. 

Whether you are just starting off, or a large enterprise, Microsoft 365 is scalable to your requirements. As Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based service, you can add and remove subscriptions as required easily ensuring the services that you need are always available. 

Why should the big organizations have all the tools, With Microsoft 365, and it’s scalability the tools are available to any size business and budget

m365 - Office 365

Making technology a business advantage

Microsoft Office 365 provides users with the productivity applications necessary to get work done in the modern workplace. Whether based in an office, or a mobile workplace or mixedcollaboration is now easier than ever both with internal staff and external companies that you are working with. 

As Microsoft is the world’s largest software and services provider, they are heavily invested in providing world class data centers and security where your data is stored and always improving the services offered for you within the cloud. 

With Covit-19 hitting the world, the way businesses work and teams working more remotely, having robust business tools allowing you to continue working effectively and efficiently is more crucial than ever using tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Azure to name just a few. Microsoft 365 has the tools, and we have the expertise to help you leverage the most out of them. 

Microsoft 365 has different plans to suit your requirements

There are many plan choices. Below is a handful of the more popular plans to suit your business needs, but this is by no means the complete list. To understand the best plan/s to suit your needs, Wizard IT will sit down with you to understand your needs and requirements and how you work and put together the best option for your business. 

Microsoft 365 Business Basic – Web and mobile versions of Office Apps, Email, Calendar, File storage and sharing, Teamwork and communication 

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – All that Microsoft 365 Business Basic has plus desktop versions of the Apps 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium – All that Microsoft 365 Business Standard has plus advanced security, and device management 

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business – Desktop, Web and Mobile versions of Office Applications 

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise  All that Microsoft 365 Apps for Business has plus Skype for Business 

Benefits of using Office 365


  • Shared services will have robust service continuity, security and maintenance schedules in place.
  • Scale your usage and services up and down as your business needs expand and contract.
  • Safeguard your business with Office 365.Keep your corporate and customer data protected with enterprise-grade security and powerful privacy features.


  • Do business anywhere with Office 365. Bring your office with you wherever you go with a complete set of business-ready tools accessible from virtually anywhere.
  • Access from any Internet connected location rather than being tied to the office allows flexible working arrangements and collaboration.
  • Easily scaled to respond to business growth.
  • Depending on the amount of data, you could be signed up and be using the service within minutes.
  • Connect with customers with Office 365. Communicate in new ways, build deeper insights from your data, and create meaningful experiences that build long-term relationships.

Cost savings

  • The cost of purchasing hardware and software licences is significantly reduced.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced.
  • You only pay for the services you need.

In many cases cloud computing makes sense; however, unless you have the skill, time and resources for proper implementation, you could encounter problems and fail to realize the full benefits of the solution costing you time and money. 

The Essentials and Premium subscriptions are common for a lot of companies meeting the needs for their day to day requirements. If you need to install the Office applications on your computer, Premium is the subscription. The Essentials and Premium plans have been renamed to Basic and Standard.

Part of our service is to assess your systems, whether they are for data backup, a full office solution or your email, and recommend cloud-based systems and subscriptions where appropriate. 

Once we have made a recommendation, we can then handle the implementation and management to ensure a smooth transition, minimal downtime and maximum results. 

“We were using Google Docs, Dropbox, and some other free software, but you get what you pay for. We really felt the pinch when we opened our second store – we knew we needed to upgrade from all our ad hoc, free software to a real business-class solution.” Ted Vu, Co-Founder, Tastea

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