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Security threats keep getting more sophisticated and aggressive. It can be a scary place when you have valuable data that’s being stored and shared. But when you team with WatchGuard, the outcome is secure. We champion your security.

Watchguard FireBoxes are a comprehensive network security platform providing enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any business, regardless of budget, size and complexity.

Hackers use a variety of techniques to attack devices connected to the Web. Providing a multi-layer approach to protecting your devices is essential in your protection which Watchguard Firewalls with Total Security Suite provide.

Small businesses are often targeted as they normally don’t have good security. Small businesses can have enterprise class security which don’t cost the earth.

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Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention Service scans traffic on all major protocols using constantly modified signatures, offering real-time security against network attacks such as spyware, Buffer overflow, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.

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URL Filtering

WatchGuard WebBlocker actively blocks suspected malicious links, provides granular content and URL filtering capabilities to stop harmful content, save network bandwidth, and improve employee efficiency.

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Gateway AntiVirus

Uses constantly modified signatures to detect and prevent proven spyware, malware, Trojans, worms, rogue-ware, and combined threats and even new versions of known viruses. Simultaneously, heuristic detection detects irregular data constructions and actions to ensure that suspected viruses do not fall between the cracks.

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Threat Detection and Response

Unify network security and endpoint security capabilities to detect more threats and prevent potentially infected machines from introducing malware to the broader network.

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Network Discovery

For Firebox appliances, a subscription-based service creates a detailed display of all nodes on your network, making it possible to see where you might be vulnerable. It assists in ensuring that only approved devices can connect when monitoring all open ports and protocols.

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Spam Blocker

Real-time, continuous and high reliable protection from spam and phising attempts. Watchguard spamBlocker is so fast and effective, it can review up to 4 billion messages per ay while providing effective protection regardless of the language, format or content of the message.

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Reputation Enable Defense

A powerful cloud-based web reputation service that aggregates data from multiple feeds to provide real-time protection from malicious sites and botnets.

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Application Control

All, block or restrict access to applications based on a users department, job function and time of day.

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DNS Filtering

Prevent phising and reduce malware infections by detecting and blocking malicious DNS requests, redirecting users to a safe page with information to reinforce security best practices.

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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention enables you to detect, protect, monitor and prevent accidental unauthorized transmission of confidential information outside your network.

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Contact us now to find out how we can provide enterprise class security for your business protecting you from Cyber threats.

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