Microsoft OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is part of Microsoft 365 and is designed for organisations and is included on most subscriptions. It allows a company to provide employees with cloud storage for storing files and work on documents that is accessible from anywhere. It empowers users to easily interact with Microsoft Office Files and have the full functionality of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and most other Office 365 applications seamlessly in multiple ways. 

It enables users to securely share information via direct links for editing or viewing files which can be done at folder or file level. The ability to use expiring links when sharing information provides further security to your information. 

This makes it extremely easy for users to collaborate on projects or finalize documents before they are published to other locations such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. 

Organizations admins can manage how the information is shared, whether it can be shared externally and permissions and properties for files. Depending on the subscriptions, businesses can get reports and manage security based on whether or not users documents have sensitive content within them. 

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Synching Files

The OneDrive for Business application allows for files to be synched on multiple devices allowing for editing anywhere you are and whether you are online of offline. The application is supported on Windows or Mac, and can also be synched on any Android or Apple mobile device. Depending on the subscriptions, businesses can control which devices can access information and from which Ip addresses and domain users can connect to their OneDrive for Business. 

It also allows for synching documents from SharePoint making it more powerful for organizational collaboration. 

OneDrive for Business now has the ability to select files or folders to be synched, allowing you to manage storage on you local device, and not having extra overhead of synching for files or folders that you will not use 

Integration with Microsoft Teams, Exchange Email and SharePoint

The personal chat spaces in Microsoft Teams that enable shared persistent chat conversations with one or more users utilize OneDrive for Business to enable users to share files. When a file is uploaded to Teams, it is actually uploaded into your OneDrive for Business and automatically shared with users in your chat. 

Documents can also be uploaded to you OneDrive for Business and shared via a link within an email to reduce duplicate versions of the document from being created. 

Backup and Versioning

OneDrive For Business can allow you to backup you Documents, Desktop and Pictures folders from your user profile on your local machine to cloud storage protecting you from hard drive failure or other disaster. While this does not cover your entire hard drive, it does cover the 3 core areas where files are normally stored. 

This also allows users to synchronize these files between multiple devices simplifying mobility but does not replace the recommendation for a full backup of your device. 

OneDrive for Business also includes document versioning where users can essentially go back in time through the changes to office documents and revert back to the last 500 versions of a document by default. Versioning does not allow a user to restore a deleted document, but the recycle bin feature allows documents to be restored to the point in time they were deleted for up to 90 days. 

Scanning Files

With the mobile versions , you can create digital copies of paper documents, receipts, business cards etc. Simply scan the hard copy in question using the camera on you mobile device saving it as a PDF, making it easy to compile and share information.. 

You can download from your Office 365 portal, or download on android or apple devices.

As you can see OneDrive for Business as a core tool in your modern workplace providing tools to simplify you doing your work anywhere, anytime. 

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