How good are your backups and your ability to Recover from a disaster?

Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

A complete backup, whether you are backing up Servers or Workstations using Backup Software, or backing up your Cloud Solutions using Cloud Backup, your solution should be of paramount importance to your company. It is the way in which you can recover data when you need to, and ensures you can get back up and running in the case of a disaster (whether it’s a computer disaster or a natural one). 

We know it’s not something that you want to think about, but many businesses find out when it is too late that their backups were not working. 

  • How long would it take to recover your server or key workstations after a disaster? Hours? Days? Ever?
  • How long could you survive without your Server or Key workstations?
  • When was the last time you tested your backup solution? How easy is it to test effectively?

Data Loss Statistics;

  • 31% of PC Users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.
  • 70% of small businesses that lose their data will shut down within 12 months of the disaster
  • 34% of companies fail to test their backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures

What we Offer

Fast and reliable data backup and recovery:

The Backup Software we utilize creates an exact backup of your system and data at any point in time. After the initial backup, incremental snapshots (as often as every 15 minutes) take just seconds to image. So you can literally run a backup once a day, once an hour, 10 times a day … whatever suits YOUR business. 

Schedule automatic backups:

The Backup Software we utilize provide’s an easy-to-use scheduler so that point-in-time backups can be taken automatically while you work, or after hours. No more having to start a backup manually, or even check to see if it ran. With the Backup Software we can organise an email notification’s and the Backup Software also allows us to monitor the backups for you, helping to take the stress of ensuring your backups are successful. And you’ll be able to schedule full or incremental backups of your system and data. 

Save backups to any location:

Backups can be saved to USB drives, an internal storage device, or network location. Backups can also be saved either onsite or offsite.

View backup files for quick file and folder recovery:

Point-in-time backups can be assigned a drive letter as a read-write or read-only volume. You can then “browse” the files in the backup if you only want to recover certain files, for example if they have been deleted by accident and you need to recover them.The mounting features allows you to restore files and complete folders.

Perform a bare metal system recovery

The Recovery Environment allows you to perform a bare metal system restore in minutes. This means you can restore your original server to dissimilar hardware. The Recovery Feature allow you to recover your entire system, settings, and all data.

Cloud Backup

Often OverlookedCloud Backup is an important backup strategy in these modern times as more and more information is stored in the cloud. 

Our Cloud Backup solution encompasses best practices ensuring data is protected and can be recovered when required. 

The Cloud Backup runs up to 6 times a day with unlimited retention 

Why do I need Cloud Backup? Office 365 services such as Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive all store data in the cloud. One example of the benefits of using Cloud Backup to backup Exchange is if a user leaves and deletes all their email and this hasn’t been caught in time, their mailbox can be restored to a point in time. 

Cloud Backup protects your company’s important information against User Error, Malicious Deletion, Software Issues and Hackers 

Many people believe that it is Microsoft’s responsibility to protect your Office 365 data, this is not true. Microsoft provide a wide array of powerful services within Office 365, but a comprehensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them. It comes down to your responsibility to ensure your data protection. Microsoft Office 365 provides redundancy, but that only ensures the availability of the present state of the data. It does not back up data to protect against data loss events. 

Cloud Backup coupled with OneDrive now provides a easy method to further protect your local machines, that may not otherwise be backed up. Utilising OneDrive to Sync your Documents, Desktop and Pictures to the cloud then Cloud Backup to protect them will cover from any of the threats listed above as well as hardware failure

To find out more about how we can provide you with protection and peace of mind in the event of data loss, contact us now to arrange a free consultation.

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