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Better than POP or IMAP

Email is perhaps the most important communications tool in business. Unfortunately, for many companies and individuals, the cost of implementing and maintaining reliable e-mail and group collaboration services can be overwhelming.

A Hosted exchange Solution enables organisations of all sizes to utilize the enterprise-class messaging, mobility, collaboration, and group scheduling features offered by Microsoft Exchange Server without the need to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure and licenses. Hosted Exchange is the smart and affordable way to enable yourself and your employees to work smarter and communicate more effectively.

Wizard IT has a hosted Exchange solution which utilizes Microsoft Exchange. With Outlook, the newest version of Exchange provides many enhancements that improve mobile accessibility, efficiency, and protection capabilities.

Better than POP or IMAP

Microsoft Exchange boosts company productivity through advanced features like

  • always-synced email, files, calendars and contacts;
  • mobile access; advanced Web mail;
  • shared calendars that let employees see colleagues’ availability to schedule or rearrange meetings, book conference rooms and plan projects;
  • shared task lists that allow ‘to do’ lists to be created and assigned, then shared with team members;
  • and shared contacts which guarantee that customers’ contact details will never be lost or misplaced

You also have the same view of email from all devices, so your mailbox has the same look and feel from your desktop, as it does on your smart phone, and through web access.

Anti-Spam included

Email presents a serious challenge for many organizations – it is essential for doing business but provides a vulnerable entry point for a range of security threats. Our hosted exchange solution includes an anti-spam filter, using the market leading provider of email security solutions to deliver an integrated anti-spam solution into its Hosted Exchange offering.

So many ways

As there are mutiple ways of achieving a hosted exchange solution, it would be best to have a consultation first to determine which Plan suits your business needs best.

for example;

  • do you require a license for outlook or office included in the plan?
  • do you need email archiving?
  • do you need compliance and information protection?

Call us today to arrange a free consultation to discuss your Hosted Exchange requirements.

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