VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VOIP Services Auckland

VoIP has become more prevalent these days as internet speeds and traditional Telco prices increase. VoIP essentially allows you to have a phone using the internet rather than a traditional phone line. This offers much more flexibility. Phones can be setup all on one site, or over several sites with no complicated cabling.

The reliability of VoIP is reliant on the quality of your internet connection and the load on it. With the release of UFB and VDSL, VoIP can be more reliable, but UFB is not required. We have clients that have been running several lines for at least 3 years now on ADSL2+ and have had no real issues. In the event of an internet outage, your phone can quickly and easily be forwarded to another number or Cell, of the VoIP phone can be moved to another location.

The costs of VoIP is outstanding. Below is a guideline table to give you a rough idea of cost savings

Traditional Phone VOIP
Monthly Line Rental – 5 Lines $230 $35
Local Calls (Auckland) – 6000 Minutes $230 $0
National Calls – 2000 Minutes $180 $0

VoIP specific phones may need to be purchased to realise these cost benefits. And there are now a good variety of phones available. Cordless, desk phones, inbuilt answerphones, conference phones, and even video phones.

Some of the key features

  • Same phone number ringing on multiple devices
  • Auto Attendant – Redirect your customers to the right person
  • Phone Extensions
  • Call transfer, and conference calls
  • Voice mail to Email – receive your voice mail to your Email making it easier to keep in touch
  • with your customers without having to sit at your desk.
  • Call recording – record calls for future reference if required.
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Screening

So how can I find out more about VoIP and how it can save my business money? – Call Wizard IT now and we will arrange a meeting to further discuss the options.

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