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What is Microsoft Teams? Is Microsoft Teams right for me and my business? How can it help my business? 

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communications tool for businesses of all sizes allowing users to share, meet and work on files together in real time through a desktop application, a slightly less functional web based application or mobile application. 

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With modern workplaces, the ability to work remotely, or with people from outside your business, the ability to effectively and efficiently collaborate on projects is paramount. With Microsoft Teams and its ability to create channels for different projects or topics allows you to create virtual teams that contain all the relevant information whether it be documents, discussion threads or meetings into one easy to find location, keeping all the information together and everyone part of that team always have the most up to date information. 

The ability to collaborate with other companies in projects securely and having everyone working in the same area, with the same information allows for an improved project. No more, I didn’t have that information, or the document I have is out of date. 

Security is another area in which Microsoft Teams stands apart from its competitors and ensures your peace of mind. You will always be provided with cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities when you use any of Office 365’s platform services. Your data is encrypted while in transit and at rest.  Teams and all other Office 365 services meet compliance standards including ISO 27001, HIPPA. SOC 2 and the EU Model Clauses. Teams is also a part of Microsoft’s global network of data centers which is said to have a transparent operational model. Your Teams account is provisioned within Office 365 and managed via the Admin console. 

Microsoft Teams is highly customizable which is an important feature for any application in these times. The ability to add features to any channel based on the requirements of that channel give you a powerful tool. Whether you just need simple file sharing and chat, add a Wiki or more advanced with adding information from GitHub, Evernote, OneNote etc, there are a lot of apps you can add to your channels. With Microsoft Teams, you can work with different people and different information and tools all in one place. 

Benefits to businesses using Microsoft Teams

Enables effective communication with team members

  • One of the key features is its threaded conversations allowing group or private messaging. 
  • Users can create channels to organise their communications by topic allowing you to store brain storming sessions, conference calls and other meetings into one easy to find place. 
  • You can also integrate audio and video chats 
  • You can @mention individuals to bring important message to their attention 
  • Group conversations are visible to the whole team to view, like, share and add to 
  • Newly added members can easily get up to speed 

It can be used on any device, anytime, anywhere

As part of Microsoft 365 Cloud based services, Microsoft Teams is accessed via the desktop or mobile application and is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Just connect to the internet. 

Productivity is increased

If you use traditional email, phone calls, talking across desks, you can often lose critical information. With Microsoft Teams everyone receives the same message at the same time. As a result, people can collaborate and keep the discussion flowing, getting solutions faster. When new team members join, they can get up to speed faster. 

It is fully integrated to Microsoft 365 including tools Word, Excel, Skype for Business, SharePoint as well as newer tools such as OneNote, Planner, Power BI, Yammer and much more.

Meetings are synced

  • Microsoft Teams syncs with your calendar and pulls in all you existing meetings. 
  • It suggests times when all other attendees are free, gives you the option to chose is the meeting is private or open. 
  • Once created, attendees can post about the meeting  in a separate chat thread, set agendas and upload relevant documents. 
  • Schedule and join meetings using Skype for Business with  HD video, VoIP and additional dial in audio options. 

Working more effectively together

The ability to view and edit the same Word or Excel document at the same time make collaborating together easier and more effective. 

Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration tool encompassing tools to help your business grow, and with how businesses are working in these modern times, gives businesses the tools to succeed 

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