To Cloud or not to cloud …

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Have you been thinking about Cloud computing?

A lot of companies that are approaching renewal dates, or refresh dates are. The major advantages of going to the cloud are;

No large hardware purchase costs

Latest software licenses included

Flexibility – you can add or remove users, and the costs change accordingly.

Did you know there are different types of cloud computing? One major difference is Onshore vs Offshore hosting. Let me explain. Onshore hosting means that all of your data is located in New Zealand, in a secure, reliable Data Centre. Offshore means your data could be located anywhere in the world (literally) like a data centre in Singapore.
The main implications of these differences are

  1. National vs International traffic speeds.
  2. Data security. (the overseas data centre is not governed by NZ Laws)
  3. Support – who do you call if your data’s overseas?

NZ based hosted exchange includes anti-spam, virus protection, daily email backups, with Microsoft Exchange in the backend to support all your devices (PC, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet) and keep them all synchronised.

We have developed a great relationship with NZ’s Premier Hosted provider. I can honestly say that they provide an excellent, reliable service, and their support levels are second to none.

If you are interested in finding out more about Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, CRM, or even entirely hosted environments, we can explain all of the options in as much detail as you need, we can setup a free trial page for you to go directly to and signup , or we can set the whole thing up for you from Go to Whoa.

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Auckland Cloud Services NZ - To Cloud or not to cloud ...

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