New domains available

have you got your .nz domain

From today, second level .nz domain registrations will become available. This means that in addition to domains like you may be able to register as well.

The new second level .NZ domain extension provides New Zealand businesses with more choice to find the domain they really want and aligns the New Zealand Registry with international practice.

Please remember your actions may impact the options available to others so we strongly recommend that you check the status of the second level version of your name, even if you are not interested in registering it.

There is a small grace period for businesses that own a domain, that means they have preferential treatment for the equivalent .nz domain, but that won’t last for ever, then anyone will be allowed to register that .nz domain.

If you’d like to secure your .nz domain, or get more information, please contact us by email to , or phone us at 09-9735509.